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The mission of RE / MAX brokers is to simplify the process of preparing (listing) the property as much as possible. To help with the correct pricing and preparation of the property. To use all of our marketing tools and appropriate promotions to ensure the best possible selling price and guarantee you a comfortable and flawless sale and transfer of property to a new owner. The most important thing is your satisfaction with our services, which we regularly monitor in satisfaction survey of our clients.

Selling a property is a demanding business transaction which consist of several process steps and requires relatively complex legal operations. An error or omission of some details in the contract, or incorrectly set data in the filing for the cadastre, or other risks arising from a lack of experience in selling real estate can lead to unnecessary reductions in the price of the property being sold, a financial loss, or even loss of the property itself.
It is also worth considering the price of time that you, as a retailer, would have to invest in the preparation and all the administrative tasks associated with transferring the property. And we are not even talking about the time spent with the potential buyers interested in the property. The best protection and considerable time savings is the use of the services of a professional certified RE/MAX broker who is properly trained and able to provide its clients with comprehensive services related to the preparation and sale of real estate.


Our experience in your favor

The enthusiasm for maximum customer satisfaction is the main reason why the RE/MAX network has been growing for more than forty-five years. We are the largest real estate network in the world and over 120 offices are available for you in the Czech Republic.

We are visible

We give all our customers the opportunity to use the full range of services and ways to present property, including advertising on the most visited real estate portals. Using the huge RE/MAX distribution network allows you to sell your property faster and at an optimal price.

Great sales force means better results

According to an independent market study, RE/MAX is the best known real estate brand and has the largest market share with the largest number of satisfied customers. Strong brand awareness and success is a guarantee for recruiting the best brokers in the market. Currently you can use more than 1,200 RE/MAX brokers in the Czech Republic.

Ethical behavior is our foundation

We know that people are the most important – every problem can be solved if there is a team of the right people and friends. We guarantee our customers highly ethical behavior by acting in accordance with the RE/MAX Code of Ethics and the RE/MAX Complaints Procedure. We focus on the needs of our customers and follow the principles of RE/MAX Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction. We make sure that growth is generated by knowledge and professionalism, so we are trading with RE/MAX Professional Sales Standards.

We are constantly educated to help you in a dynamic time

All RE/MAX brokers are regularly trained in the RE/MAX Academy. RE/MAX Academy is a quality educational program based on long-term international experience of RE/MAX experts. It focuses on expertise and sales skills with an emphasis on real estate customer needs. Brokers take demanding tests to certify.

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