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If you are interested, we will be happy to provide you with direct contacts to clients of completed transactions.

  • "Professional behavior, great performance and knowledge in their field. We were extremely satisfied and we can only recommend Radka Králiková." Rating: 10/10
  • "Mrs. Radka Králiková is a professional and as such, I can always recommend her." Rating: 10/10
  • "A professional approach and a nice personal negotiations."" Rating: 10/10

    František Kraml
  • "Everything perfect, reliability, punctuality, a sense of choice, situation, client, price review, willingness, helpfulness, nothing is a problem. Already a long-term cooperation."
    Hana Stárková
  • "Very professional and friendly approach. Hard-working. Thank you very much. :-)" Rating: 10/10

    Mr. and Mrs. Dymeš
  • "I already had to do with real estate brokers in the past, so I can compare. The whole dealing of Miss Barbora Králíková was not only on a high professional level but also 100% correct, pleasant and accommodating. The sale of real estate was to my complete satisfaction both time and financial." Rating: 10/10

    Martin Kadlec
  • "Purposefulness, feeling for the situation, professional behavior, did the best for business." Rating: 10/10

    Milan Dostál
  • "Quality of service twice underlined!" Rating: 10/10

    Zdeňka Čížková
  • "This is a very likeable personality, with negotiating and organizational skills. 100% deployment! Professional approach.""
    Václav Rezek
  • "Mrs. Bara proceeds as absolutely professional, especially appreciated by her interest and help, even though she no longer had to deal with details (eg energy transfer). I appreciate the adaptation to the time of my work and the flexibility. I highly recommend to meet her!"
    Martina Kachlíková
  • "Accommodating, kind, helpful. Everything went to my utter satisfaction."
    Tomáš Břicháček
  • "Any problems have been dealt with professionally and in a short time. Mrs. Králik has helpfulness and willingness, combined with maximum commitment for client satisfaction."
    Jet Money
  • "Excellent cooperation, quick communication and personal approach. I can only recommend Miss Kralik."
    Irena Jílková
  • "Fast and professional conduct. Maximum satisfaction."
    Martin Klouček
  • "Miss Barbora Králiková is the BEST."
    Marek Černý
  • "Friendliness, willingness, professionalism."
    Michaela Kusová
  • "The broker was very professional, helped to set the highest possible price and secured all the matters concerning the sale of the apartment, my business was just signing the contract. Great cooperation." Rating: 10/10

    Jaroslav Malina

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