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Our services

We take care of all your real estate transactions essentials. So you can use your time for other things without worries.

I want to sell

The path to a successful sale does not mean hanging out an internet offer and waiting.

Each property is unique as well as the owner’s needs. We have a tailor-made sales strategy for all the properties we offer. Here are some basic steps:

Determination of market price

We set the selling price of the property based on a thorough inspection of your property and market analysis of the real data available to us.

We set the pricing strategy with regard to your needs, but we have to be professionally sure that it is a fair price. The basis for us is honesty, and if we differ considerably in the value of the property on the market today, we do not take over the property at all costs.

Preparing property for sale

Every property needs to be thoroughly prepared for sale, even though it is still inhabited. It is difficult to make a dignified presentation of a property where is a clutter, smell of pets, or visible wear and tear on first sight. Real estate needs to be made more attractive in the eyes of those interested, which we pay great attention to and a number of recommendations. Homestaging, which we provide more and more, is one of the great ways to achieve a big effect even with minimal intervention. We work with professional arrangers and photographers who capture your property in the best light. We provide plans, PENB, technical property audits and other essentials that are necessary for a successful sale.

High quality presentations and advertising real estate

The prepared property needs to be perfectly presented. Over the years in the field we have a large internal database of clients and colleagues across the Czech real estate market, as well as foreign client contacts, which we use frequently when selling. Unlike many actors in the field, we use a wide range of advertising channels. The property is presented on Czech real estate websites as well as on the international advertising site RE/MAX. We use social networks, outdoor form of advertising or smaller local media, if deemed effective. The marketing sales plan is designed for each property individually.

Finding a real buyer

We are always present at the real estate presentation and we check the people who come to the property. We do not want to waste the time of all the parties involved, and therefore we are finding out the qualifications, credibility and real interest of the candidate in advance. Feedback and communication is very important to us, so we regularly report to the owner of the property during the real estate presentations and advertising, including detailed statistics.


We provide all sales-related administration in cooperation with reputable lawyers who are approved by RE/MAX. In the case of real estate financing by a mortgage loan, we use RX finance (RE/MAX mortgage service), so that we are absolutely sure that the buyer will finance the property without delays and complications. Throughout the “contractual documentation” phase, we are concerned with maximum transparency and client awareness. We try to make the complex legal process of selling for all parties of the transaction as comfortable as possible.

After sales service

By registering a new owner in the land registry and disbursement of funds to the account owner, the main part of the sale ends. However, other issues need to be completed, so the trade has actually been properly terminated. As a standard, we help our clients to transfer/ unsubscribe media in the property, as well as the tax requirements associated with the sale/ acquisition of the property. If necessary, arrange clearance or removal.

I want to rent

Finding help is often an exhausting process for the property owner with an uncertain outcome. Unfortunately, the negative experience with the unpaid tenant, damaged apartment or its equipment is not unusual today.

Leave the worries associated with renting to us, we find a proven tenant and so you get rid of unnecessary risks.

Steps to successful rental:

Determination of rental price

In determining the rental price, we rely on a thorough inspection of your property, an analysis of the rental data in the locality, and current demographic trends. Together, we set a competitive price, refining the location, quality of living and furnishing. To reach the maximum rent, the property must be adequately prepared for rent. In a musty and unadjusted apartment, the owner can hardly demand a higher yield. Even minimal intervention in the interior, professional photography or a good plan can do wonders.

Quality presentation and speed

Speed is the key value for rent, no owner wants to keep the property empty for a long time. Thanks to the RE/MAX system, we have a wide database of demands and over the years we have many contacts across the real estate market. We do not rely solely on advertising sites, but actively use all available channels. Every property is tailor-made and we use social networking, outdoor advertising, smaller local media etc. We rent the property on average within one month.

Tenant verification

We check the qualifications of each candidate for the lease before the inspection. This saves time for all parties involved. We seriously verificate serious buyers of real estate through registers to recommend the owner a really solid and solvent client without a risky past.

Proven contractual documentation

All contractual documents that we provide are processed by renowned RE/MAX lawyers. These are verified, regularly revised rental and sublease contracts. However, if the client wishes to use his contractual documentation that corresponds to the NCC, we respect his choice.

Handing over the property

The rental process closes the handover of the property and a thorough writing of the handover protocol. Careful recording of all formalities prevents any confusion and problems in the future. We help clients with the transcription of the media so that the transfer is as comfortable as possible for them. In case of interest we will arrange for the removal, removal and other activities connected with the handover of the property.

I’m looking for a rental

Are you looking for a rental? Not sure which location is right for you? You do not know how much it will cost you? Don’t know where to look?

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I want to buy

Looking for an apartment to buy? Are you interested in how the purchase process takes place? What to watch out for? What property will you reach?

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I want to estimate the market value of real estate

Are you interested in the market price of your property? Do you need a market estimate? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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